01 Jun 2011

Well now that I have some down time sitting here in the Seattle airport(Thanks for the free internet Google/SEATAC) I can write up a bit about my extended stay here in the US.

The trip was centered around my brother Danny’s graduation from St. Norbert. Congratulations to him again!!

I flew into Glendive via Tokyo -> Seattle -> Billings on the 26th of April and was in Glendive pretty much the entire time other than a few trips here and there. Basically I spent all the time with my Mom and fixing stuff around the 2 houses there

Foundation Crack fixing

IMGP1013.JPG IMG_20110524_103033.jpg IMG_20110524_103042.jpg


Trying to level the sidewalk(A failed attempt)


My Mom and I drove to Wisconsin for my brother’s graduation and picked Mel up in Green Bay. She braved the long haul over for just 8 days of actual staying in Wisconsin :)

Here is our mini trip up through Door County.





Mom and I drove back from Wisconsin and then I dropped her off and headed up to Miles City to see some friends during the Bucking Horse Sale which was full of terrible weather, but at least we got to spend some time together.

When I got back it was pretty much a mad rush to try and finish up a bunch of projects. Because the roof decided to leak a bunch in the back hallway we had to pull the carpet out and it was just bare wood so we decided to fix that up. A friend of my Mom’s came over and showed me how to put in carpet which was pretty cool. Then I build a new ramp for the dogs(they are getting old and have a hard time going up the steps)


Finished back room(Carpet and Ramp)

On Thursday I made the trek to Bozeman to see the knee doctor just to have it checked out. I had done something to it and although it has been feeling pretty good, I wanted to make sure. I stopped by the old office in ITC which was really cool and then went out to eat with my buddy Jade. That night I got to see a bunch of friends from frisbee as they were prepping for the annual Bozofest tournament.

The next morning I picked up Konrad and Angella and we headed up to Shelby to see the new Niece. The weekend went by very quickly and felt like it was just the next day that I had to take them back to the airport in Bozeman


Everybody going on a drive in the truck


The new aunts and uncles


Some pictures from around the Shelby area

IMG_20110526_122757.jpg IMG_20110526_123106.jpgIMG_20110526_122839.jpg

Flooding on the interstate outside of Billings




Flooding on the interstate outside of Livingston

IMGP1051.JPG IMG_20110425_213308.jpg

Haha, how funny right.

Well all in all the trip was very very nice. I got to spend lots and lots of time with my Mom and not enough time with everybody else it seems(I don’t mean that I wanted to spend less time with Mom, but like my Dad told me, “You never have enough time no matter how much you spend.”)

Sorry to all of you whom I didn’t get a chance to spend time with. I really did try my best to get to see everybody(1500 miles alone just in Montana in 5 days!) Hopefully next time. I know I’m summarizing a lot of the highlights of the trip as well(mainly the Wisconsin part) and I’m sorry for that. I feel like this post is

So here are some random pictures to put the post to an easy ending


Now it is back to the heat!

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