Artificial Sweetners & HFCS

10 Mar 2009

With all the recent studies done on Artificial Sweetners like Splenda and Aspartame, as well as the similar studies done on High Fructose Corn Syrup I am going to try and stop consuming them for about three months just to see what happens. Apparently they mess with your bodies “stop eating” mechanism and I think the studies are right. The midnight – 2am food cravings as well as just the general ones only a little while after eating are driving me crazy.

What I will be missing:

– Diet Mtn. Dew(My primary source of caffeine, watch out people I’m a cranky tired person)

– Rockstar

– Red Bull

– Soda/Pop in general

– Almost every food that has any processing done to it(Yay American Corn industry)

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