BB Storm Review Part 2

03 May 2009

So I’ve had my Storm for going on 3 weeks now and I feel it necessary to review it one more time just to give a perspective of what you can expect from the device.

Battery Life

The first thing I have to say is that the battery life is about a day. No longer can I just let the battery die and then charge it like my old phone. I have to make sure to charge it every night otherwise it will die during the next day.

Touch Screen

The screen works fantastic. I find myself hitting the wrong keys quite often though, but the word correcter in the software works well enough that it usually fixes mispressed keys for you. I have absolutely no problems with the click screen like most people do that have reviewed the Storm. One thing that does bug me is how much skin oil builds up on the screen. I can only assume that this is common for any touch device, but its something that bugs me.


The stability of the phone is pretty flaky at times. I’ve found myself waiting for some apps to respond to me typing quite a few times. When I go to type a text message I don’t want to wait 1 second between each key press for it to show up on the screen, that is not acceptable. This doesn’t always happen, but when it does its very frustrating. I’ve also had the phone just lock up on me. One time it did it was when somebody was trying to call me. Sorry, phone calls should make it through no matter what.

Web Browser

Sometimes it works great and sometimes it is super frustrating. Usually it works great and you find what you are trying to get to, but other times you just can’t click on what you are needing to click. The google search bar is pretty sweet though. Not that its anything special, but it makes it super easy to find information quickly.

Final Verdict

8.0 / 10

I have not used an Iphone but I suspect that it really doesn’t hold too much over the Storm other than the OS and app store.

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