Biking, Frisbee and the Girl

22 Jul 2009

This summer has been going by so fast. Regardless of the not so awesome weather until lately, I have been super busy with Biking and Frisbee. The weekly schedule is usually something along these lines

  • Monday – Work, Ultimate Frisbee League Play
  • Tuesday – Work, Gallitan Valley Bike Club Races
  • Wednesday – Work, Ultimate Frisbee Club Practice
  • Thursday – Work, night usually filled with activities because they get planned on Thursdays because nothing is planned on them
  • Friday – Work, Usually travelling for trips or tournaments
  • Saturday – If it isn’t a road race weekend or tournament weekend then probably a joy ride
  • Sunday – Same as Saturday

It has been quite the busy summer. I thought last summer was busy, but I’d say this summer has been way more busy just because of having the bike races on Tuesday and going to more tournaments and such(even though I’ve only been to 1 so far). It’s weird that when I really look back it doesn’t seem like I was that busy, but I really don’t have any downtime to just chill out and relax like last year, which is pretty awesome really. I’d say maybe it seems more busy because I’m instead spending a lot of time outside of these activities in social environments as opposed to just going home and vegetating in my room like last year, thanks to the GF. She is much more socially oriented than I, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

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