Corn Maze Adventure

06 Nov 2009

It has been a yearly thing for me to visit either the corn maze in Townsend or the hay maze in Bozeman. I was sad this year when I found out that neither of which were open. The guy who does the hay maze apparently didn’t have enough time this year and I’m not exactly sure about the corn maze in Townsend. I’m assuming a bad harvest year or something with all the weird weather.

Mel and I decided to hunt out other mazes on the Internet and found that there was one in Victor, MT and one in Billings, MT. We decided that we would go to the one in Billings as it was closer. We packed Trevor and Amm into the car and headed out of town.

We had a little adventure once we got into Billings trying to get to Del Taco as I passed it and couldn’t just flip a U-Turn and go back as there was a median on this road. I really hate medians they keep traffic flowing and don’t let them do stupid stunts like I like to pull. Anyways after figuring out which colored spots on the wall were placed first in Del Taco and eating some questionable, yet delicious food we embarked on the next portion of the trip trying to find the maze itself. Trevor and Amm were having a debate in the back seat of whether or not a human could be considered a Toroid, which I believe they eventually both agreed that it was not.

We finally arrived at the Maze. It was  a $10 entry which gave you access to the Haunted maze as well as the regular maze. We ventured through the Haunted maze which was pretty cool. Trevor and Amm actually ended up spending more time scaring the people that were suppose to be scaring other people which was funny. After making it through the Haunted maze we started the regular maze which was prett cool. Mel and I employed the Right hand algorithm. Trevor said it doesn’t always work, but, it does for certain types of mazes. It was interesting employing the algorithm because sometimes you walk past the exit and have to keep going. We eventually found the end and then decided to turn around and find the middle( there was a concession stand there and we wanted candy ).

After completing the maze we found they had small mind games as well that you could play. The first one was you could only make right turns and it was just a small maze of hay bails. The next one was a grid of 3/4″ PVC pipe. Each piece was colored Green, Yellow or Red. You had to cross the pipes in the following order: Red, Green Yellow. Doing this you had to make it to the end.

So ya, that is the maze in Billings. I recommend that if you have the time to visit it next year.

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