Fishing Trip

16 Mar 2011

So it has been something I have been meaning to do since we got here and finally I was able to go. Our friend Bob Bowden who runs took me out with him and another guy fishing for Barramundi which are a fairly big fish that fights a lot.



Bob is the guy with the big smile in the foreground of the far right image and also the one with the fish in the second picture. The trip had a guide as well that was very nice. His name was Neil and he runs a fishing guide company here in Thailand. I’m going to get his info so maybe I can get out again sometime.




The place we went to is the largest fish farm in Thailand and is almost completely stocked with these fish. I took a few pictures of the surrounding area.


Here is a snapshot of me holding one of the fish I caught. I think overall I caught somewhere between 5 – 15 fish during the day. The largest was 16 pounds and the smallest was 12 pounds. I can’t remember exactly how many I caught because in the beginning I was bringing one in almost every 2-3 minutes it seemed like. It slowed down a bit later in the day for Bob and myself, however, Cory was the magic man and just kept reeling them in.


Bob catching his first one of the day

Youtube Link


Neil(Our guide) catching one on the fly rod

YouTube Link


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