Friday Rant — PC vs. Mac

25 Oct 2013

I know, I missed a Friday and Friday rants need to come every Friday, but last week was a hard week and we were prepping to go to Boston so I didn’t get to write it on Friday.

Let me just start with these little statements:

P.C. is an acronym for Personal Computer. That is a computer you can use for personal usage.

Mac is just short for Macintosh which was a model of computer built by the Apple Computer Company.

Alright, now that we got that straight I hope you can see clearly that one is a subset of the other. A Mac is a PC just as much as a Dell, HP, IBM or Toshiba are a PC. Really to make the argument though I would say something like, a Latitude, Envy, Thinkpad or Satellite are a PC.

If you look at the specs of any of the laptops you will see that Apple, Dell, IBM, HP and Toshiba all are currently running the Intel chipsets with Intel/NVIDIA/ATI graphics cards. They all have a hard drive, speakers and a screen… There is no difference between any of them as far as hardware goes. Don’t even try to say anything about BIOS differences because EFI is becoming more standard with all manufacturers as well.

Just because it is an Apple computer doesn’t make it “more stable” or “less prone to viruses”. Those statements and the like tend to boil my blood due to the ignorance of the statement. Those statements better suited for the whole Windows vs. *Nix debate. The only argument that could be made is that Apple somehow is better at selecting individual hardware pieces that are less prone to going bad…ha!

Really the only valid arguments that I can see for picking an Apple PC over say Dell or what not is that you like the hardware design, but I’ll argue to the grave that you are just paying more for your computer to look pretty and nothing more which I guess is your choice. All the major manufacturers have pretty nice looking models somewhere in their lineups.

FYI, if stability is your argument then you should check out the FreeBSD/OpenBSD projects.


Don’t become a hipster and pick Apple because that is what all the Cool kids are doing!

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