Last Week

01 Sep 2009

Last week was quite the week. Monday I scheduled an appointment to find out what was wrong with my abdomen.

I found out that I had a hernia and I have to go in to see a surgeon on the 9th to see if I need surgery or not.

Nate and I also were moving out of our apartment last week was just a terribly painful experience(not like physical pain, but mentally)

Our lease was until the 31st of August and as a courtesy thing Nate and I said we would move out before the 27th which was apparently too pressing on our Landlord as he kept pushing us more and more to move out even earlier. Legally, of course, he is not able to do this, but we were planning on being out anyways so whatever. The real pain was him constantly poking us about getting out. I started cleaning last Tuesday night and it took like 2.5 hours to just clean my room. I decided that I was going to take Wednesday off of work to clean the rest of the apartment only to find out that our landlord had his “cleaner” ladies in there already cleaning the place. This angered me a bit as I was fully planning on cleaning the apartment myself so we wouldn’t have to pay anything but the carpet cleaner.

It was a good thing that Mel and I were slated to head back to Glendive on Thursday for a vacation.

The good thing was that not much was happening at work the whole week until Thursday of course. I came in at 6am for our Thursday morning maintenance. Everything that we did in the morning went really well. We were suppose to leave for Glendive at noon, but of course all hell broke loose at work and our file server / backup server died out of nowhere. This was pretty exciting trying to get it back up quickly so I could get out of town. I managed to patch it together and left work around 1:30.

We unpacked my car(stuff from the apartment) and packed it in a record 30 minutes. Then decided to head downtown to Paulie’s Hot Dogs for lunch before we headed out. There is a Natural Dog store next to Paulie’s that we hit up as well and got some dog treats and a toy for Wilbur.

The ride home was pretty nice and Mel and I had a wonderful time there. Friday we went for a bike ride around Glendive, out to Makoshika park, out on a frontage road and then back. There was a 15% hill in Makoshika that was steep enough to get both Mel and I off our bikes. I blame our health issues at the time really, as it was a tough hill, but not tough enough to beat both of us! Mel really liked Makoshika so I took her up there in the car later and we went on a few short hikes(pictures will follow as soon as I finish moving and get a second to get them off my camera)

Saturday we took the dogs out to our piece of land and Mel got a glimpse again of the badlands and also what Prickly pear cactus tastes like. Its sticky and tasteless, FYI.

Then we all headed to Beaver Creek Brewery in Wibaux. The brewery didn’t open until 4 and we got to Wibaux at 3:30 so we headed to the Wibaux county fair which happened to be going on. I think we were early for that too as there wasn’t anything going on so we walked around the exhibits and then left. Later Mel and I found out that my Mom and Dad bought us a present. There was a boot that did wooden carvings and they bought one that had both of our names on it. We plan on staining it soon and will post before and after pictures.

After the fair we made our way to the brewery, which was super fun as always. We all had a good chat and then headed back to Glendive for dinner at home. Mom made huge, no really, huge steaks and we stuffed ourselves.

That was pretty much our weekend in a nutshell. Its hard to express how much I enjoyed the weekend in a post, but it truly was awesome.

I’ll get the pictures up soon.

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