07 Apr 2009

Pictures are here


Went there. Played. Won some games, lost some. Came back

The trip there was full of switching between snow, rain and nice weather. It was a pretty good drive with lots of car conversation that made it go fast. The drive back wasn’t too bad until about 40 miles out of Bozeman. It was about 1:50 in the morning and my co-pilot Logan was doing his darndest to keep me a wake. Good thing he was there.

I got some sun burns to prove the weather was super nice too.

Highlights of the weekend:

  • Onion Eating Contest
  • Burritos(They were so good, OMG)
  • Not getting hurt and my body feeling good for once
  • The bathroom break between Colfax and Spokan(it really was the most amazing feeling leaving that bathroom)

Lowlights of the weekend:

  • Losing to that yellow team on Sunday morning
  • Forgetting a white jersey
  • having to go to that other field on campus and then having to come back only to find out the team had left that we were suppose to play
  • Driving 9 hours both ways(I just hate driving, but don’t really care that I did it)
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