Plans for the next few months

28 Apr 2010

Here are the answers to all of those common questions I’ve been getting

Am I getting a job here in Bangkok?

I’m currently in the process of squaring away a teaching position at one of the universities here in Bangkok. I would be teaching a Computer Science class for undergrads. It is not formalized nor set in stone yet, but sounds very hopeful.

When am I coming back and for how long?

Just booked a round trip ticket from May 12 – Jun 4 in/out of Bozeman

What am I doing while I’m back?

First two days I’ll be recovering from the jetlag and cramming as much stuff into my car as possible. That weekend I’ll drive to Miles City for BHS. I’ll spend the 17th – 27th in Glendive. Come back to Bozeman for Bozofest. Then I don’t know how I’m getting my car back to Glendive while staying in Bozeman for my return flight on that Friday the 4th of June.

How long am I going back to Thailand for?

Until I’m elected king…j/k. Until Mel is finished here which will be up to 3ish years.

Do you have an awesome new phone that is better than any other phone you have ever had?

Why yes I do. Thanks for asking. I bought a Nexus one and have loved it like a small portable electronic child ever since I got it.

Do I have a very special great Aunt that reads my blog?

According to a little birdie I’ve been told that my great Aunt Kitty has been reading my blog. Thanks for spending the time to keep up with what I am doing.


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