Robot Baby

23 Jun 2008

Tyler and I were talking today in the office about random stuff(The usual interesting ridiculous talk in the office) and he was talking about somebody’s baby and how they thought it was very similar to a robot. Its very similar in the way that it reports system errors. A baby will cry until its current error state has been fixed. Whether that error is needing a diaper change, food, scared or any other similar problem. My reply was of course that it would be very cool if the baby simply had a small LCD screen attached to it that would give you the current state and what the error was for ease of fixing the problem. This then lead to our discussion of a t-shirt version that would just have scrolling text that would alert near by people of the error as well and what needed to be done to alleviate the problem. Now that I’ve written this down, I think just having the lcd embedded in the head of the baby would probably suffice though.

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