Signs that your child is going to be a Nerd

09 Jun 2008

As I helped William fix a computer in the SUB I randomly came across a few memories from my childhood that may help parents out there know that their child is going to grow up to become a nerd and/or geek.

  • Loves Legos (This love never goes away and is the building block for an engineer)
  • Takes things apart just to see whats inside and then puts it back together
  • After you teach them something new on the computer they immediately turn around and teach you something even better.
  • Tinkers with things all by themselves for the first 12 years of their life … and then the next 12 years too
  • Enjoys Star (Trek Wars) too much
  • Makes fun of other kids because they can’t configure their Mom and Dad’s TCP/IP settings
  • All the friends of your child seem to be nerdy to you but your child is just fine and not nerdy or geeky at all.

Just a few of the many signs.

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