Simple Fun

29 Aug 2010

A lot of times I think we become overwhelmed with things that we could do in this adventureful land. Mel and I like to plan our adventures in advance to help avoid any problems with our trips. I guess we aren’t very spontaneous when it comes to weekend trips. Mix that with our love of being simple and taking it easy and you get mostly weekends spent in the City.

This weekend was another weekend in the city which was simple, but very fun. Friday night we were going to go to one of the films at the film festival that is being hosted near MBK, but instead we ended up just having dinner at Outback and going home and watching a movie. It was very pleasant, as we just took it easy and didn’t stress about having to be anywhere at any specific time. I think that wears us out more than anything and it gets old fast.

We had not planned anything for Saturday, other than a Starcraft II day for me and Dance for Mel. Mel ended up spending the majority of the day submitting a very frustrating manuscript to an unforgiving web form(As a CS major I was quite perturbed for her at the poor quality of the submitting process they had on the site…). We had wanted to at some point go to Hajime, which is a Japanese Sabushi type restaurant. The only catch is the waiters are robots!

Don’t believe me?


This is the video I took while the robot was dancing.

The system is pretty neat. You have an LCD touch screen menu that you select meats, fish, shrimp, veggies… and soon the robot comes down the isle and swings around and drops off your tray of selected items. You then either BBQ or cook in broth the meats/veggies it brought. When you first get there you have to select from either BBQ or Broth to cook with. The restaurant is very fun.

After the restaurant we went back and watched a movie at the apartment to conclude the night. Sunday was filled with our typical routine of Church, On8 Cafe, Wasting time, Frisbee. I highly suggest that if you are ever near Nana that you stop by the On8 Cafe which is just down the stairs from the Nana BTS. The food is great and very fairly priced.

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