Thai Taxes

29 Mar 2011

Just an FYI for anybody looking for info about it and really so next year I remember what i need to do.

Personal ID or Tax ID

If you don’t already have one, you need a Personal ID or Tax ID which you can get by filling out. Probably best to get this done right away if you don’t have one already, but mine only took about 15 minutes to get.


This is in Thai so have fun with that, or if you just do what I did and go to a district office and tell them you don’t have an ID they will get you one somehow. I had to pay 4 baht for copies to get it though, just FYI. Haha.


Ok, so now you have your PIN or TIN whichever/whatever. Now you need to file.

Fill out and print: 


Find your district office here(or just pick the closest one too you at the time like I did). Hope they have an English speaker there.

— or —


I couldn’t do the E-File because I didn’t have my PIN yet, but maybe next year.


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