The Adventure Ahead

23 Oct 2009

Well I suppose I’ll fully disclose the plans that lie ahead.

Mel and I have decided that we will go to Thailand together for the first month in January. While there I will be job hunting until my return roughly one month after we arrive. Then the plan is to find a job and then return later and work in Thailand until she is sick of me or finishes her post doctoral fellowship.

So the rough schedule of events that are coming up:

Wisconsin Trip Oct 23-27

Flying back to Wisconsin for my Godparents’ daughter’s wedding. Will be visiting lots of family as well during the short visit.

Thanksgiving Break Nov 25-29

Heading back to Glendive for Turkey Day with Mel, Julia and hopefully Mel’s Mom. Should be an interesting family interaction.

Christmas Break Part 1 Dec 18-21

Heading back to Glendive for the last time before heading out to Hawaii and Asialand

Christmas Break Part 2 Dec 24-Jan 6(ish)

Heading to Hawaii for the first leg of our Asialand journey to meet Mel’s family and spend X-Mas eve and New Year’s with them.

Thailand Jan 6(ish)-Jan 27(ish)

The dates here are not solidified as we are waiting for Mel’s dissertation dates and such, but the plan is to leave around the 6th(from Hawaii) as she is slated to start on the 11th in Bangkok. I will spend roughly a month there with her getting her on her feet and searching for work so I can visit on a more permanent basis.

Well that is the rough outline of the next three months ahead. I’ll have my camera and Mac with me so will be posting all sorts of things here(thats the plan). While I don’t plan to have a phone while on this epic journey across the sea, I will be available over Google Video and email.

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