The Weather?!?!?

27 May 2008

I realize I live in Montana and have no reason to complain about the weather as it is expected to change without notice from one extreme to the next, however…., now that it is approaching June and we have tallied up a whopping 5-6 days of solid `nice` days I’m getting pretty depressed. I am quite impressed though that I have utilized the nice days as much as possible even though I’m still a bit broken.

Right now it is deceiving outside. There are blue skies with some clouds and it looks like it is really nice out but actually it is very windy and a tad cold. Hopefully tomorrow it will be nice enough for an outside ride and I’ll try to convince William to pedal as well.

Ohh ya, and Josh left us. It was a pretty depressing day after he left. Nate and I spend a good 30 minutes just sitting in his room talking about all the fun times we had with him. Pretty crazy really. It was a good 4 years though.

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