Things I miss

20 Apr 2011
Before I start, I just want to make sure that it is noted that I’m not complaining about
  • Netflix(Really all of the newer streaming services that “Only Work in the United States or Canada”)
  • (Dare I say it) Verizon’s network or maybe just 3g + stableish network I wouldn’t know any better other than Verizon
  • People who walk fast
  • Grass
  • Driving
  • Cooking
  • Pizza, no not the stone oven ones like you find here that are awesome, sloppy huge pizza’s that I can’t eat by myself…well I can but they are much bigger
  • 317 Pub + Trivia
  • Pour House food before Trivia
  • Microbrews
  • Avagadro’s
  • Bozos
  • Cold fingers and toes
  • The office at CCB/ITC
  • Friends

Things I like here

  • No Snow
  • I won’t ever freeze to death in Bangkok…unless I get caught in a freezer
  • Islands, beaches
  • Pretty cheap
  • Adventure
  • All the restaurants
  • Super cheap phone / internet(although maybe not the best service)
  • Robin Hood Trivia
  • Soidawgz
  • New friends

And of course the reason I moved here <3

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