Toes and Pinkies. Do we need them?

12 May 2008

It seems that the pinky finger and little toe are becoming nothing more than a hinderance. Perhaps the pinky finger is useful in some situations like typing, however, I remember dislocating one of mine before and I was able to easily overcome the loss of that finger.

The little toe on the other hand really doesn’t seem to do anything but provide a nice impact zone for things when you are walking. Since it is so small compared to the rest of your body and the force required to move while walking, often the impact does detrimental damage to said toe.

For instance:

While walking to the bathroom, a mere 10 feet away from my room, I lodged my small toe on my left foot against the door frame and now it has become the new “large” toe on my foot. Not only does it hurt a lot, it prevents me from walking. I’m pretty sure that if the doctor were to just take a knife and remove the toe I would be fine without it. Instead I’ve become what I like to refer to as “Bear Spray.”

That is, if you and I were in the forest frolicking about minding our own business and we ran across a Mother Bear with cubs you would not require the use of Bear Spray because you could just walk away while I became the next stunt double on the Charmin commercials(I wouldn’t be the toilet paper, but the reason for it).

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