Well why not start on the other parts of my knee

06 May 2008

I’ve gone through an ACL in both knees and those were pretty exciting. The second surgery did get me into biking which is pretty good. So now it seems that I’m back to knee #1 and working on different ligaments. Something happened last week during our first Intramurals tournament game near the end. I dove for a frisbee and must have done something to my knee. This was different than the other knee injuries as I didn’t notice it at first, but that night it got pretty sore. I had trouble that night sleeping on it and the next day it was pretty stiff.

Its been exactly a week and walking and jumping straight up and down don’t hurt however if I twist at all on that leg all sorts of pain happen. I’m making a trip to Bridger Orthopedic tomorrow morning to find out for sure whats going on. I’m guessing MCL sprain, but only time will tell.

Knee Diagram

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