What $9 dollars can buy for your computer

15 Jan 2009
DHX 6400C4

DHX 6400C4

4Gb of ram thats what $9 can buy you. The current ram in my computer was being “special” so I decided I should get some to replace it. I thought $90 was a good deal for 4Gb, but when I went to Zipzoomfly.com and saw that they had a 2Gb kit for $49.50 I was impressed, but not as impressed as when I found the $45 rebate on the kits which puts the total cost at around $9.

On another note a good habit to get into when dealing with mail in rebates is to print out the rebate form as soon as you purchase the item. Then when you get the item attach the UPC and the copy of the recipt to the rebate form and put it in an envelope. The key is to do this before you start playing around with whatever you just got in the mail. This should solve the old problem of becoming lazy and not sending in the rebate.

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