What the heck have I been up to?

29 Sep 2008

Well honestly only about 3 things have been keeping me busy.

Ultimate, Work and sleep.


Before we went to Sectionals in Missoula the other Nate and I were playing almost 7 days a week. MWF with the Bozos and the other days we were playing down by the Dorms playing “dirty” disc.

Missoula(Sectionals) came and we played 4 games on Saturday. The first game started out at 9am and we played pretty rough. By the second half we started playing better and it only improved throughout the day. We went point for point with Missoula, which is a great team and eventually lost at the end 13-10 or so. During our last game I had a layout trying to save one of Nates throws and knocked my head and apparently my shoulder pretty hard.

The next morning when I woke up my neck was super sore and I couldn’t lift my arm over my head which was super awesome. I didn’t play all day, but we ended up getting 4th place which gave us a bid to Regionals in Oregon. I’m not sure if I’m going to make the trip to Oregon or not yet only time will tell.


Well work has been something completely different than it used to be, in a good way. I’ve been super busy helping to build infrastructure for the group I’m in in ITC here at MSU. We have also been trying to work on getting Google Apps for MSU. Currently our email solution is “less than ideal” and often the subject of angry discussions around campus for the students


It still happens regularly.

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