A Dream : Hawaii

27 Jan 2010

The world must know!

I took a bit of a snooze this afternoon and I had a dream that I remember quite well and I feel that the world must know about this.

Bare with me, this is a dream so things obviously will not make sense and characters and places will change instantaneously without notice.

I step off of the bus and I’m apparently in Hawaii. I start talking to the bus driver about the things that I bought online last night that he was suppose to give me. I can tell that the bus is suppose to leave to keep on schedule so I start asking him about if I can catch this particular bus at another time and he tells me about the schedule. The driver is an Asian man who is struggling to communicate properly in English about when the bus will be back around. I tell him that I’ll figure it out and start walking to Mel’s parents’ house. Now, the bus driver is walking with me, apparently he is going home(reality check, I have no idea where the bus has gone). He goes on explaining the bus schedule as I cross the street to avoid him as I don’t want to talk to him as it is hard to understand. He says something interesting so I decide to go back and talk to him, but now I have frightened him so he jumps on a bike and speeds down the sidewalk that goes down a steep hill(the visual on this is quite amusing as he is hunched over the handlebars and ducked down for maximum speed while he glares at me)

Now, I’ve arrived at Mel’s parents’ house. In the dream it is right up against the beach. There is white stuff everywhere and I think that it is just some weird Hawaii thing and head down to the beach. I start walking down the beach and the beach is made of white and turquoise slush that is kind of slippery. The walk is going well until I realize that the tide is going up very quickly so I decide to head back to the house(reality check. There is actually no tide as the water is simply just raising without any waves). I start to get worried as the water is now all the way up to the base of the houses on the beach and I’m waist deep in water and the ground underneath, the slush, is very slippery and I’m afraid I’m going to drown. I finally reach the driveway of the house(which of course is facing the beach because thats where you would want it) and Mel’s mom is rejoicing over all of the white stuff everywhere. I then realize that it is snow and there is about 4 inches of it. It is that perfect for making snowballs and snowmen snow.

Wake up!

I leave it up to you reader to tell me what this all means.

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