A new way to play Eve

24 Nov 2008

While most of my Eve career has been either running missions, being a flashy red pirate killing the innocent and a dabbling of trading, I have recently decided to take a new approach at playing the game. Espeonage.

I truley believe this is why Eve appeals to me so much. The game is so brutal in that the innocent can be preyed upon without mercy and its just part of the game.

I will try and keep the good people who read my posting up to date on my latest activities in this new adventure.

Tonight is the first installment of this new activity and was a small step. I joined a corp with one of my alternate characters and will spend the next few months slowly working my way into their corporation until I have access to things that I should not and I will quickly nab all of their assets. The plan is to wait until the corp has gained a heafty asset list so that the operation is actually worth while.

 The only problem I forsee in this endeavor is that I will have a hard time when the time comes to steal from people that are in general trying to help what they think is a newer character.

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