The story of the stairs

19 Nov 2008

It was a innocent Thursday night around 8:00. It was frisbee time and I was running late, but not too late as Ultimate players are always at least 20 minutes behind. It decided to finally snow a bit and things were a bit slick. This of course should have been warning number 1. Instead I left the house carrying my bike down our stairs when the friction force of my shoe sole was overcome by the forward force. This of course caused a problem as no longer was I walking down the stairs holding my bike but now I was doing a wonderful horizontal motion with the bike landing on top of me. I took a sled ride down a few stairs on my bum before my bike tire wedged in the stairs and stopped me. That was good enough to get the adrenaline going.

Now I have checked my bike to make sure it was not damaged, which it was not, and am on my way across campus. I tried to maneauver around somebody and again physics played the small coefficient of friction game again which lead to me making another feat of agility that looked to others as if I had a back spasm while riding my bike. I gather myself and try to pretend that the 5 people that were around didn’t see me and ride off.

Now that I have made it to the gym I must unlock my locker to get my shoes. A normally simple task. Which it was except I had the luck of dropping my lock onto my toe.

At this point I’m getting a very strange feeling about the past few events and can only surmise that the near future probably not going to go well either, but I forge ahead with the plans of going to ultimate anyways.

Finally people are at practice and we can play. Hooray! Everything went smoothly until I think I forgot about the past events and then I hyperextened my leg somehow. It had this really weird feeling like I had tore something(trust me I know the feeling of knee tears), yet I could walk and such just fine so whatever.

I decided though at that point it was time to go home and do nothing for the rest of the night and hope that a plane engine didn’t fall off and land on our apartment and kill me.

And that is the story of the stairs.

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