Again, the site moves

18 Dec 2013

In my quest to find a cheap awesome hosting provider, my friend William(He has a blog he never posts too, what a lameo) and I were talking over the Gchats and he happen to mention DigitalOcean. So I popped open a new tab and first thing I see is $5/mo for a VPS! I was pretty much sold at that point. I don’t know how they are doing it so cheap, but here you are reading this post from my site which has been transitioned onto a Digital Ocean VPS.

Right now I don’t have an SSL cert so there is no encryption for when I log in, but I will probably just do a self signed one, since it is only me that really needs it anyways and I can deal with clicking the “Yes I understand what I am doing” button.

Some other things that came about from this is that I pushed my Wodpress theme up to github as well as the gravatar image plugin that it uses.

Gravatar Image

Tygertown WordPress Theme

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