Making Mistakes

08 Nov 2013

Everybody is going to make mistakes. I would even venture out there and say, don’t worry about them…well I almost would say that. Mistakes are probably the best way to learn in my opinion. Nobody is perfect.

Now lets drop out of that euphoric dreamy world and get a bit closer to reality. While there are a lot of “learning mistakes” I fear that there are far too many “ignorant mistakes.” Of which, I have pretty much zero tolerance for when they happen around me. I’m not saying that I don’t make these dumb mistakes too, but I have a very low tolerance when I see people making them over and over. It is just a sign to me that person is either not putting forth their best effort or, dare I say, unintelligent.

Let’s take a look at the word intelligence:

From Google

From Google

Making mistakes isn’t the only way to acquire knowledge and skills, but not being able to identify that you are making the same mistake over and over does indicate a lack of the whole acquiring portion of the definition.

I’d like to narrow the focus now to making mistakes when dealing with computers. More so to how you create files and such(because really, I’m here to complain about something that I have to deal with right now and that has to deal with naming files). If you create a lot of files on your computer by hand here are some things you are probably doing that will make me Super Rage Quite.

  • Not putting any thought into why you are naming the files the way you are
  • Not standardizing the naming scheme
  • Not defining a hierarchy to your files(Most things fall into a hierarchy even if you don’t initially think they do)

If you mindlessly do things over and over you will create a problem that falls into the RAGE QUIT scenario. 15,000 files and 1024 folders later you have just won the fail face award. You get to wear a dunce hat for the rest of the year.

Moral of the story is, if you are going to make a ton of mistakes, at least make them all in the same way. Don’t make them random mistakes. That is a much harder problem to fix. Also, it seems easier to identify yourself that you are being dumb when you keep making the exact same mistake. Ya, as a computer scientist, I strive to make the assumption that everything is related to another problem and that there is somehow a solution to both of them…or something. Classes, objects, polymorphism and stuff.

I’m going to quit now since I am obviously just babbling on at this point….like always I guess.

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