Does weather effect mood?

05 Jun 2008

First of all before I even start in on the actual topic, I hate the two words effect and affect. I am really really bad at grammar and spelling and even if I were good at them I would still have problems deciding which one was the correct one to use.

Ok, now for the subject at hand.

Observing the weather and my moods as of late I’ve come to some interesting conclusions. I’m not going to state the obvious that people’s moods are affected by the weather, but instead talk a bit about how exactly the two correlate.

Observations based on my own moods

– Snow and very cold weather usually don’t bother me too much as I feel that this type of weather is just part of living in Montana as long as they fit the time frame of the year. If its 40 degrees and snowing in June I’m not going to be very happy.

– Overcast and warm I’m fine with. This probably results from the weather allowing me to still go and do outdoor activities, although I may be a bit depressed from the lack of sunshine.

– Overcast and rain. This really has two forms. Either it is cold or warm when the weather is like this. I can deal with it if it is in the 60’s, but won’t be happy. If it is cold and raining I’m going to be upset and cranky and intolerant of others.

– Sunshine and cold, that is, below 60 degrees. This I can deal with as it still allows me to do outdoor stuff.

– Sunshine and warm obviously are the best and I like that.

– Moderate to strong wind. As this is usually an indication of the weather turning to crap I really really hate wind. It messes with anything I want to do outside and just pisses me off.

In general I can deal with Montana’s crazy weather as long as there is a good solid 3 – 4 months of solid nice weather a year. The rest of the year it can do whatever it wants.

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