Yes I’m going to complain again about the weather

06 Jun 2008

Most of the time I just shrug things off and say thats a crazy coincidence, however, when it comes to weather and frisbee its pretty amazing how things go. The practice schedule for playing is MWF and Sundays. Now on Tuesdays we also play for the Summer League which only leaves Thursday and Saturday without frisbee. It has pretty much been crappy out and rained every day of the week this week which ruins practice and any hopes of a bike ride. Now what I find interesting is how the chunks of nice weather have come around but only from say 8am ā€“ 4pm and from about noon ā€“ 9pm Thursday. I remember during intramurals how the weather would be fine all day until about half an hour before the games started and then would get super windy and cold and then on the days there were no games it would be nice out.

Iā€™m pretty sure there is some higher power out there that just has a huge weather control panel that watches what we do and turns the weather from good to bad depending on what people are wanting to do.

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