Honeymoon — Day 2 — Cesky Krumlov

27 Jan 2014

After a very delightful sleep we are off to breakfast. I really mean delightful. Apparently snoring so loud as to wake the ghosts in the nearby castle within seconds of my head hitting the pillow. It was good. Mel and I head down to find a place to hang out and eat some morning nom’s. The creperie is where we land ourselves. Here is a picture. I’ve taken a picture of everything we have eaten and drank so far. The problem is that the pictures are spread between my phone and my camera. Some pictures you will have to wait for patiently.


Cafe latte and crepe of awesomeness.

We invite one of Mel’s workshop buddies to breakfast. The crepes here are amazing. So so good for my tummy. After breakfast we pit stop at our room and ready ourselves for the day of adventure.

The tentative agenda for the day:

  • Walking tour of castle
  • Get owl earrings at boot shop
  • Lunch at Eggenburg brewery
  • Go to puffy soft coat store
  • Eat meat and potatoes somewhere
  • Relax at all times

Walking around the castle was pretty fun. It is up on the hill a bit so there are plenty of lookout places that you can get really great views of the city/town of Cesky Krumlov. The castle is closed at this time of year though so we can only walk around the exterior potions of the castle. The castle is painted completely with Frescoes(paintings). The tower was open and we went up there which was great. Some good views at the very top as well as a scary dungeon with a skeleton in it all Game of Thrones style. I hope it is King Joffery’s bones. Yes, there are pictures. All on my camera.

Disclaimer: We are not alcoholics, even thought the rest of this post may indicate that we are.

After the castle we take the long walk around to get to the brewery for lunch.


The bar at the brewery


The dark beer with a nerd in the background.


Top – The top dish is fried cheese. Bottom – Potato dumplings with meat filling


The light beer


The unfiltered beer. My favorite from this place.

After leaving the brewery we head back into the town to make it too the stores to get Mel’s earrings that she had already bought but gave to somebody else. She loves to give people things like that. A sign of a heart so big and so kind. Unfortunately the store is now closed and she cannot get her earrings..sad face. Across the street is a cozy little place that catches our eye.


Glenfeddich 18yr and a very very tasty port wine? I think it was.

When in rome. We depart this place soon after we finish our liquids as the smoke is burning the eyes and nose. Mel takes us to a place that is a favorite from the workshop attendees.


Just for reference, some prices. Exchange is a little less than 20K – 1USD. Those are 1’s not 7’s like I thought at first. Cheap.


Left – Some drink I forget the name of. Right- Johnny Walker Gold

There should be another picture of our second drinks. Maybe it is on the camera?


$29 for 4 drinks is not too terrible.

After Zappa we head down the road a bit and check out a tourist shop. Some interesting things in there. Not much of a shopper really, but we got our magnet that is required of all places we visit.

Then it is dinner time. So we head off to another meat dungeon type place.


Left – Wine. Right – Budvar dark. Sorry William, I think the dark is much better than the light.


Bottom – Three meet platter. Chicken, beef, pork. Various potatoes. French fries. Baked potato. Hashbrown. Top – Pork chop plate with hashbrowns.

Eating like a king. They are very good at cooking meat here. Taters are pretty tasty too.

After dinner it is bed time. Pretty wonderful day. No stress or worries about having to be anywhere or do anything. It was fantastic. Tomorrow we trek on the Student Agency bus to Prague where we will spend our remaining trip in a very luxurious motel for a few days for relaxation and then in a really nice apartment rental right in the center of the city where we can easily do the tourist things.

If you missed Day 1 and need more pictures and reading. Soon to come is Day 3.

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