Honeymoon — Day 3 — Trip to Prague

28 Jan 2014

The journey back begins at 11am. We expect the journey to be much easier than my quasi-adventure on the way to Cesky Krumlov. Just have to get up the hill and then back down to the bus station. It has snowed about “30 feet” of what Maryland would consider it. It is actually only about 1.5″ of snow so not too much. Still a trek with a big suitcase…or we pay $5 for a taxi. Not a very tough decision. Taxi time.

I make a last minute play to see if I can nab a Trdelník before the taxi arrives. The shop is just opening so I don’t get to try one, hopefully there are some in Prague.

Nothing really exciting happens. Bus arrives and we get on. This bus is pretty nice. A little cramped, but you get your own TV screen and there is a bathroom on board. I even used the bathroom. Ever shove a sleeping bag inside of the pack sack it comes with? Pretty much how I got into this bathroom. Didn’t worry that the bus was bouncing around, turning, stopping and accelerating while I pee’d. I was just jammed in there so well I was practically part of the bus…too much info?

Prague!! and wow our motel is super fancy. Alchymist Prague Castle Suites

Never had somebody carry my luggage up to the room and all that jazz. Have no idea how to handle situations like this. There are 3 Alchymist hotels in Prague. Apparently we can go to any of them and use any of the services from any of them.

Here is how you know what room you are in. Locate the same gemstone that is attached to your keychain.


Hard to see, but I’m holding our keychain with the same gemstone as is mounted above our door.

I pass out for about 2 hours and Mel watches a movie on her laptop. Really living it up..Zzzzzzzzzzz… After nap time, we head down to the common room where they have complementary beer and cheese hour from 5pm – 6pm. Eddie, one of the people working at the hotel, greets us. Mel has some wine and I eat cheese while we converse with him. He is very very nice. After wine and cheese we head to dinner.

The receptionist had booked us at one of the restaurant at the Alchymist Grand earlier. No idea what we are doing or getting into, until we arrive and are seated here.


Dinner room


Haha, our exact reaction to the situation



Something tasty that was given to us


Bottom – Deer goulash with taters Top – Ravioli

Missing picture of dessert which was some really fantastic Sherbet a Cream Brûlée and Irish Coffee. Really good.

After dinner the guy held my coat out to put it on me but I just took it from him instead because I’m from Montana and we put our own coats on. Haha, I crack myself up sometimes.

When we get back we book a tour to go see the Prague Castle and then back to our room for sleep time.

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