Honeymoon — Day 5 — Cognac

29 Jan 2014

With nothing on the agenda besides Mel’s facial massage in the morning I headed out to see if I could find a memory card reader so I could upload some pictures off of the camera. I walked about 1/2 hour but my fear of social interaction kept me from actually going into any stores to see if they had what I needed. Off to Starbucks I went to write Day 3 and 4’s posts. I realized today that I missed a portion of Day 4’s pictures so here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Ya, pretty much just the beer selection at a local Mini market.

 Alright, on to Day 5

After blogging from Starbucks I headed back to the hotel to dump off my bag and head back out with Mel. We didn’t really have a plan other than finding a fun little lunch spot. We re-traced my previous walking tour and found a decent place.


Wine and whatever it says on the mug


Two Goulosh’s please

Very very tasty.

After lunch we headed off towards a TripAdvisor recommended place. The John Lennon Wall. But first, a random picture of something.


Church or something

The John Lennon Wall was pretty colorful. It was also a wall. Yep, a colorful graffiti wall.


Photosphere of John Lennon Wall.

Finally a picture of Mel and me.


Mel has been suffering from some allergies and a wonderful cold/flu. What a trooper she is, but we must take our 5pm nap. What does that mean though? Of course, then we wake up and explore more!

But, before nap time I run out and grab us something I saw the day before. Haha, I guess swirl cut deep fried potatoe? Also, of course, sausage with cheese for a good healthy snack.


Hot Potato(swirl cut potato deep fried)


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….zzzzzzzzzzzz…..drooling….snore….zzzzzzzz. Awake!!!!

8pm. Dinner time. Perfect. Off we go!

A short walk and a random place later, we find a goofy restaurant with a table glued to the ceiling. Food is pretty good too.


Top – Something tasty. Bottom – Grilled chicken wings

Afterwards we seek a place to have a drink and talk. We passed a place that looked interesting, but not too sure about it. Small door with some candles along the railing of some steps that lead down. Door says open, but looks scary. I tell Mel it looks exactly like the place that she would love, but we keep walking in search of a place. Apparently because we are in the off season, not too many places stay open. We walk up a street for a place that Google Maps said was there. Closed! Back down and around. Nothing but some very full Irish pubs. I tell Mel that I think we should go back to the place that was downstairs so we head there. So very glad we did! Turns out it is a little Cognac cellar that is super cozy. Mel and I don’t even know what Cognac is at this point. I guess it is a type of brandy made from grapes that come from the Cognac region of France. I guess it is pronounced, Co-niac. Tastes very similar to whisky. I’m pretty much sold on the stuff after the first taste. We had initially gone here because I thought it would be a wine place that Mel would really enjoy and I would just have a beer or something. Instead we both enjoy it immensely.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for bed time. Pretty fantastic day. Tomorrow we will switch from our hotel to a rented apartment for the duration of our stay in Prague.

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