Huckfest ’09

17 Aug 2009

Well we managed to wrangle a team together to compete in Whitefish this weekend. We packed along 11 guys and 3 ladies for Saturday and added another ladie on Sunday.

Nate and I headed over to Whitefish Friday around 3-3:30 and didn’t realize that we had left without a tent until about Missoula. The option of driving back was crossed off immediatly and we decided we would just car camp it this weekend. We arrived in Whitefish around 9:30 and drove to the suppossed camp site which was dark and scary so we drove around and found the fields and slept in the car next to the fields.


Saturday morning we woke up fairly early as the car was pretty uncomfortable. The games were suppose to start at 9am and then we found out that a team had dropped out of the tournament the night before and we had a first round bye. Not awesome. So we ate breakfast and showed up late to the next game, which on frisbee time is actually on time.

Our first game was against the Missoula High School team, The Zoo. We had played these guys during sectionals in Missoula last year and had killed them pretty bad. Last year they were young and on their first tournament. This time they came out with speed and we had a hard time keeping with the flow of the game. We eventually pulled it together and nabbed the win with something like 11-8. I highly respect these guys in the fact that they have such awesome spirit regardless of losing all of their games. They will be contenders at Sectionals this year, I can almost guarantee that if they keep on improving at the rate they are.

The second game we played the host team, Flathead. A good bunch of people and host of an awesome first year tournament. We were a lot more warmed up for this game and came out gunning straight to a 6-2 lead. The game settled a bit and I think we pulled off a 11-4 win.

The third game we knew was going to be tough and we were a bit tired now having played 2 games straight. The next game was against the 2nd Missoula team. They have some speed and some excellent handlers. The game was fairly close and they ended up pulling out a 8-11 ish victory.

Our fourth game was against the CDA team. They were undefeated I think at this time and remained that way. We just couldn’t stop the 2 short throw then endzone cut throw every point. It was completely predictable, but unstoppable for some reason. I don’t remember the score, but I’m guessing 7-11 ish.


We didn’t play until 10:45. Flathead and the High School Missoula team duked it out for the chance to play CDA while we played Missoula to decide who was going to the Championship. We knew that Missoula had been out a bit late the night before(they like to party) so we turned it on right away and kept it on the entire game. We basically shut down their 2 handlers and ABUSED my height. There were a few throws to me in the endzone that were just lofted there regardless of the situation. Montanimal took the disc in though and came through. We pulled out the victory 13-10? or something. It was a well faught game and an absolutely awesome fun team to play against. Did I mention that I made the Flathead Gazette?

This put us into the Championship to play CDA.We knew this game was going to be tough as we had such a hard time shutting down their hucks. Well we came out a bit rusty and the score was something like 4-2 when we started to put the heat back on them. We found ourselves taking half 7-5. This was awesome. After half we pushed on and the score was 12-10 with only 1 point to score for victory. A few things fell apart due to some mishaps(sorry guys for the really dumb play on my part near the enzone :() and they tied the game 12 all. We went back and forth until universe point 15 all. We had the disc and one of their players made an excellent layout D about 10 yards out of their enzone to turn the disc. They scored and took the Tourney. Congrats to CDA for an excellent game.

I’m looking forward to recovering from my shoulder and bumped noggin and playing with you guys again in Scorcher hopefully. I really think the New Improved Bozo team has a good chance to go places this year.

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