Problems making Cheesecakes with the GF

19 Aug 2009

Mel was tasked with making 2 cheesecakes for various events this week. Last night was dubbed “Cheesecake Night.” I brought over my little food processor to aid in the process and it was pretty sweet.

Anyways, onto the problems of making cheesecakes.

Problem #1 – I love cheesecake. NO, really, I LOVE CHEESECAKE. I love cream cheese, I love graham crackers, I love butter, I love licking bowls full of cream cheese and mixtures and I apparently love Ginger Snaps.

Problem #2 – Because of Problem #1, ingredients become sacrificed to my tummy monster throughout the process of creating the cheesecakes

Problem #3 – I love processing stuff in my food processor way to much. I don’t know why, but its fun.

Problem #4 – I cry when I find out that I can’t eat the entire cheesecake right after its done being made :(

Problem #5 – I now know how to make a cheesecake. This is bad because I instincivly think to myself, “How big of a cheesecake could I make?”

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