Krabi / Ao Nang / Railay

09 Feb 2012

Finally receiving payment from the University, Mel and I decided to head off on an adventure. We looked up airline tickets and decided since we may be able to use the tickets we bought to Krabi for May that we would head there. Many people suggested going to Railay Beach so off we went.

We left on a Saturday around 6pm and arrived at around 7pm in Krabi. We hopped on the bus to Ao Nang and about 45 minutes later arrived for a mere 150 baht. I had looked up 2 places to stay that had great reviews on TripAdvisor. The first one was full. The second one we could not find. Searching we went. Full. Full. Full. Full. Have a room for 900 baht. The room looked great. Sold! I had seen so many bad reviews on TripAdvisor that I was weary of every place, but we got to see the room first and it looked nice.

Off for food we go. 20 steps down the road we found a Thai restaurant. Mel ordered the Cashew nut chicken and I ordered some coconut curry. Usually the Cashew nut chicken is not spicy, but luckily for Mel, it was this time. <– Sarcasm. Regardless, the Coconut curry was so amazing. I ate it so good.

Day 1

Tasks to complete today:

  • Have fun
  • Find place to stay on Railay because we are lazy

We found a decent place to stay near the end of the day. Railay Princess Resort and Spa. Everywhere is more expensive on Railay, but this place was quite a bit less than the others.

Most of the day was spent walking around looking at different things. We had made the decision to bring our laptops and some other stuff along and were going to do some work stuff, but instead we just lugged heavy awkward bags everywhere we went. Walking between Railay and TonSai was really fun with these awkward heavy bags. <– Sarcasm again.

Only partial fun was had this day but we did find a place to stay for the next 2 nights.

Back to Ao Nang for the night. We went to a place that had a wine special and it turned out their food was quite expensive. It was actually pretty good though. After that we found an Indian/Thai/Italian food restaurant that didn’t have too many people and played settlers together.

Day 2

We checked into our room and then ventured out to find kayak rental plus find a tour to go on for day 3. We found a really fun looking snorkeling tour that left later in the day and booked that. The guide was going to be English which would be different.

After we booked a kayak for 3 hours and headed out on the water. Not really knowing where we wanted to go, nor how long it would actually take.

What we found out was that you can really travel quite far on a kayak in a bay area in very little time. After an hour we had almost kayaked everywhere we wanted to go so we stopped on a beach and hung out a bit.

Then we took off and tried to go all the way across the Railay bay and around the bend a bit and then headed back. Well now we were tired from the 2 hours of kayaking already and the wind and current were against us and it felt like it took forever to get back to the beach. Forever meaning 30 minutes, but it was a good workout.




After that we pounded a burger and some fries and then I ate a sandwich. Mel and I grabbed some drinks and some chips and bought a mat and sat on the beach and watched the sunset. By far the most fun thing we have done in a while.


After, we went back to the room and changed and went back out to check out Railay East and had some more to eat.

Day 3

Food Poisioning. Thank you Mama’s Kitchen from the night before. The coconut curry was not as good from this place for obvious reasons.

Day 4

Checkout. Boat. Airplane. Home.

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