Holy Crap…Lots of Life is Happening

01 Mar 2012

Overwhelmed with planning currently I decided to take a break and think about some stuff. Maybe it is the excessive amounts of dark chocolate I just ate, but I’m feeling pretty motivated with no direction at all to my thoughts so expect one of those random timeline posts.

Let’s start with jumping back in time about 3 weeks. Just recently returning from Krabi/Railay Beach we were immediately slammed with Ultimate Frisbee. The Thursday after coming back we had League night which was pretty low key for the Soidawgz as there were so many people in town for the Bangkok Hat that came to League night to play(Open invite). Meeting some new people, everybody went to go eat together after the games which didn’t end until about 10:45-11pm so it was late already then. After eating it was about 12:30am and by the time we get home about 1:15am. Ohh, and of course you are exhausted from frisbee, but body is still trying to wind down from exercise. Maybe fall asleep around 2:30-3.

That was day 1 — 2/9/2012

I only work Monday and Friday this semester, but that is unfortunate for me as after being up so late and from Frisbee you are exhausted when you wake up on Friday. I can hear Mel in the back of my mind, “I wake up every day and you only have to do it once.” I feel pretty bad about that, but it is still darn hard to wake up on Friday. Good thing about Friday though is it is Friday.

This Friday though is the registration party for the BKK Hat 2012. 6pm – late downtown. Another late night, but we sneak out early around 10:30…or do we. RONNY’s PIZZA booyaa. Ben, Tien and I go for some noms in maybe the best ‘Merica Pizza place in BKK.

I don’t remember what time it was that we left, but probably around midnight-ish. This is where one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen happens. As Ben went to get his car from the parking lot Tien and I were waiting outside the Pizza joint when we noticed a crowd of people across the street looking aghast back towards our side of the street. Then some people walking by the building next to us jumped out of the ordinary in terror. We still don’t know what is going on until this Thai women steps out onto the sidewalk in a white nightgown and turns towards us. I still remember her expression as it was almost identical to what you could expect in a movie scene. Expressionless movements with a dead face and a blood soaked front just aimlessly walking.

The scene at this point is too much to actually comprehend for Tien and I. Then she walked back to the building and started lightly banging her head on the outside wall. At this point Ben pulled up in the car unknowing of what is transpiring. We get in as a few Thai people finally broke out of the social stunned crowd to help her? As we drove by she was just sitting cross-legged on the ground. What was really freaky was I looked into the building which seemed to be under repair and there was a Thai guy in the dark just standing there…End of story as we know it

End of Day 2

Saturday was Day 1 of the Bangkok Hat. We took motorbikes for maybe the 3rd time ever to the fields as we were a bit late..but not really because late to us is never as late as frisbee on-time. I forgot to mention that Tien and Allison were staying with us as they might as well be living in Singapore, they live so far away. Not really, but really… :)

So the day started and there were 2 other Dawgz(BKK short for Soidawgz) on my team. Tall Piete and Jamie. Some new faces that I didn’t know but things looked pretty good for us.

I’m going to go ahead and throw this right out on to the internet. I feel the reason our team did not play well was because I was a huge spirit killer(go ahead and jump in on this one Piete as I think we may have taken the bad spirit award if there was one). I can’t say for sure, but I lost the tournament for us within the first game as I just gave up right in that first game. Hard to win games when you have players that do that. Sorry Yellow team.

We did almost win 17th place though. Had I just not had my first drop of the weekend in the endzone or just jumped with a little more umpf that last game…Hind sight is 20/20 right?

End of day 3/4

Monday I woke up pretty tired, but had to persevere since I teach from 5-7pm. Just to clarify that though, I start preparing around noon and there is a lot of travelling involved to go to the university and come back so Monday’s are usually a good 9 hour day for me(good thing I have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off hahahaha!)

So the thing to take from this day is I was tired when I went to bed. Out of the ordinary Tired..raises eyebrow

End of Day 5

Tuesday I have off so can afford to be lazy all day. So I be’d lazy all day. Tired is what to take from this day.

End of Day 6


Fever 102+. 16 hour headache.

Should we go to the hospital?

Mel stayed home and fixed me though and worked my fever down

End of Week 1 – 2/16/2012

Thursday is League night and I stayed home all day and felt decent. I decided to get out and go to League. No cleats. No jersey. No playing….or so I thought. Our team was missing lots of people so ended up walking around on the field to give others a rest.

Left right after league. Ohh, fever is back! Dumb decision on my part to go.

End of Day 8

Teach lab. Friend says, you need to go home. Looks like you are about to pass out.

End of Day 9

No energy to do anything.

End of Days 10/11/12

Tuesday I go to see the Dr. They do a blood test and my white blood cells and platelets are down by a lot. Highly likely I contracted something via Mosquito from our trip in Krabi. Good thing is that I’m probably recovering since my fever did go away within 2 days so not Dengue. Come back on Thursday to take another blood test to ensure you are getting better.

Make it to Kris and Piete’s for Pancake Day night. Pre Ash Wednesday…

Play some games and have a lot of laughs with friends.

End of Week 2 – 2/23/2012

Go back to hospital and get blood taken again. Counts have about doubled but still lower than norm. Definitely getting better.

League night and I’m showing great signs of getting better. About 90%. Good enough to play. Play decent. Feel great. Go straight home anyways. No noodles tonight.

End of Day 15

Friday is teaching. Friday night is Tawan Dang with the Dawgz. This place is something else. Can’t explain it other than Vegas -ish style entertainment. Crazy.

End of Day 16 – Current day

Feeling 100% and realizing all of the stuff we have to do to get ready for our move to D.C and Wedding


So that is basically the last two weeks. Writing it down it seems pretty boring, but being sick for basically 2 weeks straight plus the Hat before that and Krabi before that has almost erased a month from existence for us. Nothing productive came out of those 3-4 weeks so now trying to catch up on everything I was going to do.

Stay tuned for planning woes and complaints about stressful life situations. I’ll write about it just to ease my mind.

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