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01 Jun 2009

With the weather finally making a change for the better, except today, I’ve been out and about a lot. Ultimate, Road Biking, and …other stuff so not much computer time other than at work which I’m usually busy working on various projects.

This weekend I went on my first official Road Race. Here is a Google Map of the race, it was about 50 miles even though Google Maps says 53. Also, ignore that weird loop in the top right corner of the route, it shouldn’t be there.


The race was basically fighting a headwind every direction you went and pushing up lots of hills so was super tiring. For most of the hills I basically stared at my speedometer repeating to myself, “Don’t go below 11.5 mph.” That actually works really well I found out. I managed to not take last for my first race which was cool. I ended up 23 / 27 so not great, but an achievement for sure.

Tonight is the first night of Summer League Ultimate and it is 54 degrees, windy, rainy and not going to get any better.

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