Racing, Ultimate, Summer….Not enough Time

11 Jun 2009

My room mate Nate had a good point the other day when we were talking about how the Summer in Montana sucks really bad.

So if you are not an avid skier or snowboarder winters suck really bad and you probably turn into a hermit like I do. I just really don’t want to go outside when its cold out. Basically because I like doing outdoor activities, yet I really really hate having to wear warm clothes as they prohibit easy movement and you get sweaty and such inside them and it just sucks.

So what happens is you get hermitized in the winter and when the first nice weather comes around you start getting excited that you can actually start going outside. The problem, in Montana is that when the weather starts to get nice it doesn’t mean that the weather is going to stay nice. No, that is your first mistake. You must realize that you now have 2-3 months of off and on, play with your heart, weather. It could be sunny and 65 – 75 degrees on Tuesday and snow 12 inches on Wednesday(This will happen I promise you).

Now, you have about 1-2.5 months of actual nice weather ahead of you. So naturally you start to make plans on the weekends to go hiking, biking, climbing…whatever it is that you do in the summer. Before you realize that you actually only have about 6-8 weekends to do stuff you have booked them all solid. Which of course is kind of a good thing, but really it sucks because everybody else has done the same and trying to do anything with friends is like trying to solve a 4-dimensional rubix cube(I suggest Google Calendar to solve this problem).

Anyway, it feels like this spring has been completely thrown away due to weather, but in reality I’ve actually been out quite a bit on my Bike or off playing Ultimate so I really shouldn’t be complaining. In closing I guess the thing I’m really trying to get across here is, I completely love Montana summer’s when the weather stabilizes and it is super nice out. It just feels like we get a bit ripped off and it is way to short. That is one of the reasons that I am considering moving somewhere else that has longer summers. The only place that I can really think of though is Colorado that would come close to the Montana outdoors. The problem is, more people, and not Montana people.

That is all

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