Liquidating Stuff

15 Jan 2010

So in preparation for moving to a different land I need to offload a bunch of my crap.

Here is a google spreadsheet so you can see what I am trying to get rid of and for approximately how much I want for it. I’m pretty open to offers on any of the items so you can call me or email me.

If you want pictures of any of the items or have any questions let me know

The spreadsheet has 3 sheets. Items, Movies and Games so make sure to check them all out.

Stuff to Sell

I will be constantly updating this spreadsheet so check back once and a while to see if anything else has been added.

I also have a bag of random cables and connectors for free if anybody is looking for stuff like that. If you need a cable, chances are its in this bag…no really I have a ton of random cables for almost anything.

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