Need to manage an internet connection?

17 Apr 2008

Well have I got the post for you.

Setting up a Linux router from scratch has been a long time foe. One of those things that I could just never figure out. Well, recently I have had some spare time and have conquered this task

The Problem

  • You have an internet connection.
  • You have multiple computers that need to access that connection.
  • You need protection from nasty people on the internet that might want to break into your computer that has no confidential info on it.
  • You don’t want any one computer that needs to access that connection to hog the whole thing

The Solution

My good friend Ubuntu Server and Iptables. Through a series of file edits and chmod’s and a few restarts later you now have a super robust and stable internet router complete with firewall that you can customize to your hearts content. Once you have this solution in place you can do anything you wish. Block certain computers from accessing the internet or vice-versa. Make certain computers internet slower than others, really whatever you want. Its up to the ingenuity of you to do what you want.

Soon to come a tar file and install script to make the whole thing happen through a single mouse click….kinda.

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