The Game of Eve-Online

17 Apr 2008

For those of you who read my old blog you probably remember how I posted fairly often and then all of a sudden stopped posting for about a year. Well, now I have a new better blog and I’m posting again. I really like the format and admin part of my site now. Also, I haven’t played Eve in about a week and a half, which is quite a long time considering how much I was playing.

Lets discuss how MMO’s affect a person’s life. Jumping in the ol’ time machine lets make a trip back to 2006 around August 8th. My roomate, Mr. Nate Nash a long time MMO(Massive Multi-Online) gamer, decided to start playing a game called Eve-Online. Eve had been out for about 4 years at this time and was just starting to make its way into the top ranks of MMO’s.

The basic concept of the game is you are pilot(in a small pod) that can pilot a single space ship. Each ship has different spots on it to place modules that make the ship better. There are many different ships from Mining Barges to Battleships and even Super Capital Ships called Motherships and Titans. Each ship has a role and you can only pilot ships you have trained skills for and use modules that you have trained skills for.

Each skill takes a certain amount of time to train which is determined by your attributes that you choose when you first create your character.

That is a very basic overview of how the game works. There is no objective in the game really. There are quite a few different paths, or careers, in the game and you are not really bound to any of them and can switch and do whatever you want whenever you want. Some of the careers that are most popular are mining asteroids to sell or build ships with, trading ships and modules on the in game market, running missions for the different factions, and my favorite, being a nasty pirate.

There really is a lot more to the game than that, however it would take a fifty page essay to really describe the details of the game in full.

So, back on topic. Nate starts a trial account for Eve and plays it for about two days and seems to be having quite a bit of fun so I decide to try it out. I create my first character(Necrolyte2) who is a Gallente industrialist. I thought building ships and mining sounded fun when I started. Hahah!

Over the course of the next few days I convince my Office pals Jade and William that Eve is fun and they should try it. Jade, William and I mined for a few days and had a blast with our very privative characters. You see, when you are such newbs as we were everything in the game was so exciting no matter what it was. We really had no idea what we were doing. Over the next week Jade and William stopped playing for one reason or another. I kept on going. I joined my first corporation, The Black Wolves. They were part of an alliance called Thundering Mantis. I didn’t know what this all meant at the time. I just knew that joining a corporation was what you should do to advance. Turns out I was right and the people in my corp started to help me learn the game a lot faster. Soon, the CEO of the corporation became MIA and we started a new corp called The Lensmen. I was elected into a Director position in the new corp. All was well for about three months of corp mining ops, solo mining, solo mission running and the occasional war. Somewhere in this time I created a new account. This is where Tyghe was born. A Caldari soldier that was primed from the beginning to have attributes that focused her on piloting ships for combat. Somewhere, in the mix of running missions and mining I started to get bored with the day to day activities of the corp and started to seek other opportunities. I wanted to try this new thing called PvP(Player vs. Player) combat. This of course meant that I would probably have to leave The Lensmen and move to either Low Security Space or Null Security Space(0.0). In these two types of space there is low or no law and anything goes. You can attack anybody’s ship in 0.0 without consequence and in low sec space you have very little consequence.

Finally after a bunch of commotion I joined a 0.0 Corp called Fun-Inc which was part of an alliance called The Knights of Syndicate. Here I learned how to PvP as well as the new rules of 0.0. The first month consisted of getting to know fellow alliance mates and running missions. Tyghe’s skills and Necro’s skills were advancing quite nicely. Necro at this time had no focused skill training and was a mixing pot of industry and combat. Tyghe, however, was very focused and becoming an excellent Caldari Pilot. Soon, I started to make friends throughout the alliance and we started going out regularly with cheap ships and learning gang PvP. After about two weeks or so of pure excitement and fun we attracted the attention of the whole alliance. Who are these newb’s that are doing fairly well for their low skills and sub-par ships.

We were deamed The Newb Patrol.

Regular Members(That I can remember):

  • Yakov Draken
  • Black Chi
  • Merine
  • Collvert
  • Tyghe

This time is created some of my fondest memories in the game. Soon, The Newb Patrol corporation was created. The Newb Patrol prospered for quite some time until some unrest in the alliance pushed us to break off and create a new corp. A member of the alliance that had been guiding our efforts in The Newb Patrol took our hand and lead us to low sec where we took up shop and started the last leg of my career.

This is where Tides of War was formed and has been for the last six months.

This next part of my career requires a whole new section and will be presented in another post soon…

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