New Restaurant

01 Oct 2010

A new Cafe & Restaurant opened downstairs.

I went with some friends tonight to go eat there and wow was that another Thai experience.

All three of us ordered our food as well as ordering a salad appetizer. We ordered 1 spaghetti and 2 chicken steaks with mashed potatoes. The salad arrived soon and then the spaghetti which was clearly a microwave dinner. Then the two of us whom ordered the chicken steak waited an hour before we asked if they were going to bring out our food. So the waiter says, “Did you order 1 chicken?” No we ordered 2. Soon another lady came over and asked us if we had eaten already as if we had already eaten and hid our plates somewhere. We replied no, we are still waiting. About 15 minutes later they bring out 2 fried chicken dinners with french fries. Our order was for mashed potatoes, but we don’t care they just shouldn’t charge us for the more expensive dinner that comes with mashed potatoes.

So we finish eating and the bill comes. They charge us for the more expensive dinner of course. So we tell them and she says they ran out of mashed potatoes…whatever just fix the bill.

So they fix the bill and its 502 baht and we give them a 1000 bill. They bring our change back and they have given us 502 baht in change. Good job on the math.

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