Something other than the Weather to complain about

06 Jun 2008

Mac OS X

Simply put in the world of computer operating systems, Mac OS X is the female. *Nix is the Man and Windows is the questionable fellow creepily staring from afar.

Now why do I say all this about the various OS’s, its simple. Try to configure a Mac to do anything you want it to and its going to get cranky, refuse to do what you want it to making you mad all the while making sure that its appearance is nice and pretty. I’m not even going to mention how illogical the OS setup is in the background.

Linux is mostly centered around Logic, can communicate with anything doesn’t need directions from the other OS’s and in general is awesome.

Windows on the other hand just hangs out doing its own thing making sure that no matter what it is doing it is doing secretly and not allowing others to see its true self. It is always envious of the others even though they are just trying to be nice and play along with whatever it is doing.

Ohh ya, I lied in the subject of this post. I really hate how the weather is so crazy right now. Literally I walked between two buildings and when I left the first one to walk to the other one the weather was gloomy and rainy. I went in the other building made a deposit at the bank and when I came out it was sunny and blue skys.

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