Thanksgiving in the white…

29 Nov 2010


For all of you back in Montanamerica, here is the story of how I spent my Thanksgiving.

Mel and I headed down to Phuket, Thailand for this last weekend. We took a flight from and arrived Thursday morning. We tootled around on the beach and ate lunch at a beach side restaurant as well as dinner. The next morning we hopped on a tour that took us to Koh Phi Phi islands and also to Kai Island. If you have seen the movie The Beach, you might recognize the first pictures(but probably not because of all of the boats and tourists :()

We had the lucky experience of having our boat break down about 15 minutes into the trip, thankfully not half way through, so we had to come back and get on another boat.


Then it was an hour ride to the bottom island of Koh Phi Phi where we got off on the beach that they filmed parts of The Beach.


There were so many boats and tourists it was actually quite depressing. So I took pictures to show how overcrowded it is and also of the toilets because they are funny to me.


After spending about 20 minutes on the beach we went directly across the bay and did some snorkeling. Because I have an awesome camera, I took it in the water with me and took some pictures and video.




They only let us snorkel for about 15 minutes before we left. I feel this was probably the highlight of the trip, and it was so short :(


Off we went to the other side of the island to see Viking Cave. This is where they harvest bird’s nest soup. Literally bird’s nests are taken from there and made into soup. Mel mentioned something about it being bird spit and some other nasty stuff that is a delicacy in China and other parts of Asia. No thank you for me.


We then proceeded about another 10 minutes and visited the highly tourist populated beach where we ate a buffet style lunch that was not that great. You can see all the speed boats here too. Not a fan of the super high traffic tourist areas of Thailand.


After lunch they took us about 40 minutes to Kai island which was basically a long beach on both sides separated by about 50 yards of rocky grass and trees. There really was no shade and they wanted 150 baht for 2 benches and an umbrella. Obviously just a semi-scam to get more money from everybody. We didn’t bring any extra money as the tour said all inclusive, so we opted for sun burnt skin until we found somewhere to hide in the shade where we took pictures of our feet.


The next day was the one day frisbee tournament(One Day Hat) which was the real reason we were there. The day was beautiful and the fields were amazing. The only problem with that day was the top field had no shade at all and a few people got a bit sun sick from all of the heat. Not anybody’s fault, just happened.

My thanks to James for putting on the awesome tournament.

After the tournament we went back to the beach we were staying near(Surin Beach) and all 44 people from the tournament went to the rock bar, which was on the end of the beach on the rocks. It was very nice as everybody jumped into the ocean with their frisbee clothes on and we threw the frisbee around and took a sea shower :)

Most of the players were slated to leave Sunday(Mel and I included), but mostly later at night, so we all met up on the beach and rented seats + umbrellas. The day was spent talking, swimming, short games of ultimate + volley ball. It was very fun and relaxing.

Here is a picture from both directions of Surin Beach.


Overall the trip was pretty awesome spending the 2 days with all the SoiDawgz and Phuket ultimate players. The day trip I would not recommend to anybody. Instead, try to get a trip to a more secluded island if you can. Our tour company was Gennaro. The guys that ran the trip were very nice, but the package was not worth the 3400/2 baht we paid.

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