The Trip

24 Feb 2010

Looks like Mel and I will finally venture across that large body of blue H20 in March. Mel is defending on the 4th of March which is only a week away! Its hard to believe, but we will be leaving in just under 3 weeks for Thailand. I just received my VISA back from the Thai embassy.

So for those curious readers out there here is the breakdown of how things are suppose to go:

  • Mel defends on March 4th at 9am in the morning. After that there will be a get together somewhere in town until later in the evening where most likely we will make our way to Columbos. After that, specs?
  • We fly out of Bozeman on the 15th of March in the morning to Hawaii
  • Spend 2 days there getting Mel’s stuff shipped off to Thailand and going to the Dole plantation, shrimp stands and the Battleship Missouri museum
  • Fly out of Hawaii to Bangkok on the 18th of March
  • We have a Hostel booked for 14 days right now and will be apartment hunting during those 2 weeks. Mel already has some options for apartments, we just need to go see them
  • I have a 60 day Tourist VISA right now, which I should be able to extend an additional 30 days. Hopefully by then we will have found me a job over there. I’m hoping to keep working for the University for these 3 months to transition myself out of my current role and get Google Apps in place for Faculty and Staff as well as some other big projects that will aid the university.
  • At the end of my Tourist VISA I will most likely come back to the States and figure out my apartment situation as well as what I’m doing with my stuff(there is still stuff for sale by the way. Go here. Do note that there are tabs at the top for movies and games too!)
    • Options that I have for staying in Thailand longer include
      • Getting a job and getting a non-immigrant VISA which is a year long VISA that can be renewed
      • Applying to a Thai language school to learn Thai which should get me a 10 month VISA
      • Applying to teach English which should get me a 10 month VISA

So here is the most important info on the land that we will be exploring

I guess that is pretty much the gist of things to come for now. I will make sure to post pictures and videos here as our journey proceeds.

If you have questions please feel free to ask.

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