How to end up barefoot in Walmart

11 Mar 2010

Let me tell you a short story of how it is possible to end up barefoot in Walmart.

It all begins with traveling to Bozeman and forgetting your shoes in Glendive. You remember your slippers though so you decide to go to Walmart to buy a cheap pair of shoes. You decide to put a pair of shoes on to try out an put your slippers in the cart. As you walk around the store in your shoes you decide that you don’t like the shoes and want to go put them back. You take the shoes off and put them back on the shelf and realize that now somebody has elected to steal the cart you put your slippers in.

You are now barefoot in Walmart.

Who steals a cart that has old slippers in it and also other items from around the store?

I do want to note that this was not me nor was it Mel that this happened to. The actual person wishes to remain anonymous.

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