Ugg! Friday afternoon

07 Nov 2008

For a change a Friday afternoon has been really slow and dull. Usually I’m pounding away at config files, services or some bash script-fu. Today, not so much. It started off with lots of energy for no apparent reason which was met with a sudden falloff that has not recovered to normalcy yet. So I sit here writing this post about nothing really. Just something to entertain myself.

So indoor Ultimate has started, a bit weak so far, but it has started. The word of mouth needs to travel faster so more people show up. Last night we had our largest showing with a mere 6 people. It was fairly intense starting with 3 vs 3 hotbox. That game is just the most ridiculously hard game and will get your heart pumping for sure. We ended the night early with a 3 vs 3 game to 5 win by 3 which went fairly well except I had street shoes on which of course meant I was slipping all the time and fell down about 3 times. I do not fall gracefully nor does it ever not hurt, but whatever. I did notice that I could not throw a backhand again due to shoulder pain, which makes it seem as if I may have re-injured it again.

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