22 Dec 2011

Finally a trip outside of Thailand with Mel that is not back to ‘Merica.

We hopped a fly fly to Vietnam this last weekend to go to another frisbee tournament. This was a larger one with probably 200-300 people(maybe more I don’t know). This was also a Hat tournament, meaning they draw teams at random for the most part. Of course they have to even the teams a bit so it doesn’t end up super lopsided. The tournament was spread over 2 days starting Saturday at about 9am. Busses picked everybody up around 7am near the motels and took us to the fields.


Day one was pretty warm. I would say in the 90’s although later on it was a bit overcast which felt awesome. My team(Team Olive) ended up losing all 4 games the first day. The first game we played Mel’s team(Team Purple) and lost pretty bad. By the 4th game of the day our team was learning how to play together pretty well, but still lost. No problem, first day is all about learning your team.

On the second day we had to play our first game at I think 8am as the teams that were seeded 1-4 had a first round bye and got to sleep in. That is of course if your fiance has to play at 8am. I’d say it is equal payback as the same thing happened to me during the Bangkok Hat last year(Our team went 3-1 Mel’s team 0-4 last year).

So, bang! Pulled off our first victory of the tournament, beating a good team and feeling pretty good about it. Second game we played a team we almost beat the day before and this time we won. Now we are in the Semifinals. Cinderella story time here we come.

Playing Team Purple again. Mel’s team. Ohh, they have added a new player since yesterday. Some supa-star ultimate player. Whatever, let’s see how we can do against them. 3-10 Loss is how we can do against them :(

Awesome day though and great team to play with.

Watched the final game with some friends. Was fun as Mel’s team ended up winning.









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