Wat Arun(Temple of the Dawn)

20 Mar 2010

We finally made it out of the room at around noon today to go for a bit of tourism and exploration. We decided that we wanted to go up North a bit and see the Wat Arun temple. This entailed walking about half a mile to the skytrain and then riding that down to the Sathorn pier. We then caught the express boat up to Tha Tian piere where we had to catch a ferry across to see the Wat Arun temple which was pretty impressive. The steps were super steep, but it was well worth it. After we were done and ferried back across the river we walked down the nearby main road where there were a bunch of merchants. There was an outside food place where we picked out what we wanted to eat. Pointing at the things that we wanted we selected some sort of cabbage soup, chicken and fish that came with rice. This all cost us a whopping 200 baht(~$3.50). The food that we got wasn’t spicy, as we avoided the bamboo chicken as suggested by some French girls. The food was pretty amazing. After all of this we headed back to the pier and caught the express boat back to Sathorn pier and walked around down there until we met the Lilly, somebody from AFRIMS that Mel will be working with. She drove us down to an apartment that she has for rent and we got to look around that. The apartment and complex is very nice. The view is unbelievable. It is a studio with a small deck looking over the river. On the top of the apartment complex is a garden that is super peaceful with an amazing 360 degree view of the city.

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