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19 Mar 2010

Well here we are at the Lub D Hostel in Bangkok. We arrived at around midnight ICT which is fourteen hours ahead of MST. Security at the airports was easy as well as making our way through customs once we got here. The flights consisted of one eight and a half hour flight from Honolulu to Nirita, Japan with an hour and a half layover. Then we had a seven hour flight from Nirita to Suvarnabhumi airport outside of Bangkok. I don’t think it took us more than 20 minutes to walk off of our airplane through customs and to our taxi.

The second flight was pretty funny, because Mel and I had seats that were on opposite sides of the hull and about 8 rows apart. I sat next to two Japanese gentlemen which became a game of charades trying to figure out if I could somehow switch seats with people to sit next to her. They knew the words Girlfriend, bad and no. Mel and I didn’t manage to get to sit next to each other, but it wasn’t that big of a deal since we were both so tired we just zoned out for the entirety of the flight.

Once we got through customs we got in a taxi and somehow Mel managed to get us to our hostel by repeating over and over the road it was on and the name. It cost us somewhere around 560 baht which is roughly $18.5 dollars(the exchange is ~30 – 1 right now). The hostel is pretty nice and has air conditioning. Thank God! It was 82 last night at midnight and we both broke out in a serious sweat from the humidity and pulling 900 lb of luggage around the airport and then 4 floors up in our Hostel(no elevator :()

Some notable things that might be of interest for future travelers to Thailand.

  1. The power plugs are the 2 round plug ones, which I believe are standard in Asia. The apple universal adapter kit has it(and also a sweet wall plugin for your Ipod as well which actually makes the kit worth buying even for just that) You will also probably want to invest in a 220 -> 110 converter as some of your devices will need that. Any device that doesn’t have a power brick(That heavy thing that sits between the power plug and your laptop, xbox) will need a 220 -> 110 converter or you will probably release the magic smoke that keeps electronics running.
  2. Bangkok doesn’t seem to have Voice + Data access, only Voice for Verizon( Currently emailing Verizon to double check on that)
  3. Don’t drink the water(Stiripen + Nalgene to the rescue)
  4. The sewage system is not up the task of flushing anyting but your body waste. Yes, that means that the tissue cannot go into the white ceramic bowl like in the USA. Where does it go? In individual baggies for each session which get tossed into the garbage :)
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