Well Brew Tour ’08 has finished

03 Aug 2008

We concluded brew tour ’08 this last weekend. It most certainly was our most eventful weekend that is for sure. Starting Thursday with Scott’s car breaking down outside of Livingston our adventure had only just began. Scott was driving to Billings by himself and was going to meet up with Sean and the rest of us on Friday at Yellowstone Brewering. Well instead his car broke down and he stayed the night in Bozeman at my Apartment and then Sean picked us both up in the afternoon and we headed to Billings. We arrived and parked at Carter Brewing and walked to Yellowstone where we met the rest of the Billings tour. From there we walked to Carter and then moved our bags from Sean’s car to Pete’s. The next morning we headed to Red Lodge, where we met some new friends from Texas at the brewery. They were nice and were excited about the whole brewery tour that we were on. They suggested that we create a website about our tour which we now have(www.lastbestbrews.com). From Red Lodge we headed back to Billings to Angry Hanks, which had some spectacular hot sauce popcorn. We then visited Montana Brew Pub where we ate and concluded the tour. The next day we headed over to Carter Brewing to find that Sean’s car was missing. For the next hour we called towing companies to locate his car. During this time we took a pit stop at a gas station where Sean had the oportunity to fish his Blackberry phone out of the whit porceline throne. Finally finding it at Billings Center Towing or something, Sean made a wonderful donation to their cause to allow him to  drive his car again. We made it to Bozeman where Sean, Scott and I finalized the website plans and then Sean went on his way back to Missoula, well kinda. Scott recieved a text message from Sean(the toilet broke the whole talking part on his phone, but not the texting) that stated his car was now stranded on the side of the Interstate near Annaconda as it had broke down.

It was a good thing that this weekend was so nice as far as the tour itself went otherwise it whould have been a complete disaster. Sadly to say, the weekend is not completely over and I’m afraid what might happen in the next few hours.

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